How hysterical parents, incompetent therapists and malicious prosecutors
destroyed the lives of seven innocent North Carolinians and
have yet to admit they were wrong


Predigital advocacy for the Edenton Seven

Sept. 5, 2012

Almost 68 years old I am, but until this week I had never hoisted a picket sign. Why now?

Within walking distance of my house, thousands of delegates and reporters are attending the Democratic National Convention. A moment of attention perhaps for

Most of those striding along the sidewalk in front of the Convention Center barely glanced at my carefully stenciled placard, but occasionally someone asked about the case and accepted a card. Jim Morrill of the Charlotte Observer even gave me a mention on his blog.

What I have learned: As a media magnet, Im no match for a white-bearded guy bearing a six-foot cross (on rollers) and two wooden tablets.